You don’t have to know how to run a business to feel Confident and Succeed in this program, because I will show you how! 


All you need is a passion for what you do.


There is no better time than NOW to establish yourself as a sought-after Design Success Trained Interior Designer. Why? Because clients want, and will seek out Interior Designer’s who run an efficient business.

10 Module Online Self Study Program

  • Are YOU ready to get started now and launch your Interior Design business OR are you currently in business and need some new ideas and tools to really up level?

  • Do you want to quit your job and be a Full Time Designer?

  • Or are you overwhelmed with with your never ending to do list?

Wouldn’t it be great to fast track your success by having a proven step-by-step system. How about access to templates so you don’t have to create your own. What about videos and downloadable workbooks that help you map out everything and give you the confidence to stand out in a bigger way.


Be seen in a way that is Authentic for YOU and gives you MORE freedom, MORE money and MORE joy and happiness.

Donna Jones

Over the last 20 years I have built my own successful Interior Design business.


I’ve enjoyed working on everything from renovations, new builds and commercial projects. Along with my strong network of suppliers who I know and trust to help me provide an exceptional service to my clients. It’s about building a TEAM around you, to support your business so you don’t need to do everything yourself!


My business has grown into one which I am extremely proud of. I get to work with my ideal clients who not only continue to keep coming back but they recommend me to their family and friends. Over the last 8 years I have enjoyed a steady flow of business by consistently providing services my clients love, need and are prepared to pay for. Price becomes irrelevant because they want what I’m offering. How easy is that?


With the Design Success program I want to show you that all this is possible for you too.


By completing this 10 Module program you will have all the tools you need to create your own successful Interior Design business. All you need to do is start…




Donna Jones


  • Fed up being unhappy or unfulfilled in what you currently do

  • Working but have a plan to start your own business

  • In a job helping someone else grow their Interior Design business

  • In start up mode and waiting for everything to be perfect

  • Overwhelmed with the amount of projects you have but don’t see a way out

  • Not sure when you’ll get your next client and how to attract them

  • Stuck doing everything in your business with no time to expand

  • Confused by marketing and wonder how best to be seen

  • Tired of time wasters and hard work clients

  • Struggling with pricing and how to charge

  • Confused by all the online courses and which is best for you

  • Still waiting for the RIGHT time – because you know that there will never be one!


  • You like self paced learning and can’t wait to get STARTED

  • You’re an action taker who wants to start your Interior Design business NOW

  • You want to create more impact and reach more clients

  • You’re STUCK doing everything in your business and you want NEW ideas

  • You’re currently studying Interior Design but don’t know how to create your own successful business

  • You’re impatient and can’t wait for my next LIVE intake

  • You’re so busy and you need strategies you can implement in your business right NOW

  • You’re prepared to invest in yourself to get extraordinary RESULTS



    How to successfully combine the  best of who you are and what you have to offer.  Vision and Goal setting so you can really showcase who you are and stop being who you’re not.


    Discover and map out YOUR unique winning system that gets people the results they want. It’s your blueprint to attract your ideal clients and confidently say NO to the rest.


    Let’s get you online and start letting the world know all about you so you can make a bigger impact and help more clients.


    Creating packages that sell and making the money you know you deserve.


    Build successful supplier relationships that will help you be the expert so you can sell products with confidence.


    Make sure that everyone who loves you doesn’t forget about you. Share newsletter content that helps build your tribe of design hungry clients.


    Access to my proven step-by-step process so you can have all of your clients say YES to your presentations.


    Stay motivated using mindset strategies that keep you on track and positive. Turn those dreaded tasks into tasks you love doing.


    How to create daily, weekly and yearly systems with my templates that help increase productivity and keep you in line with your goals and vision. How and when to hire an assistant so you can stay focused on doing what you love.


    Bring in cash when you need it most and plan the next amazing 12 months of your business.


“I just have to say… A HUGH THANK YOU! You are an amazing mentor. I am only 3 weeks into your program and have already made leaps and bounds in my business, thanks to your advice, openness and support.  Looking forward to the next 7 weeks! Keep on keeping on! :)”

Hayley Brown,

Lou Brown Design

“Donna Jones is a successful and inspiring business woman with a passion for Interior Design. I thoroughly recommend her Design Success Program, it is ideal for anyone wanting to launch their Interior Design business. In this program Donna generously shares her industry knowledge and experience and takes participants through the steps required to identify and develop their brand and confidently promote their business.”

Maggie Gardner,

Maggie Gardner Design

“I didn’t have a business when I began the Design Success Program. Having completed my Interior Design diploma I was at a bit of a loss as to how to actually get an interiors business up and running. Donna’s course filled in so many of the blanks for me in so many areas and also answered questions that I hadn’t even thought about! From the nuts and bolts of having your templates organised and how to communicate effectively with clients, the power of social media and the fantastic contacts of trade suppliers – the information and support you receive is fantastic. Meeting other designers who are at various stages of their careers was a highlight. Donna’s positivity and openness is what takes this course to the next level and gives you the support and the confidence to achieve the goals you want. Thank you Donna. It has been a game changer!”

Jane Taylor,

Jane Taylor Interiors

“I have been in business for around 20 years, but felt like I was in a rut and needed to have a fresh look for my business. I wanted to have the input of someone else in the Design industry with plenty of experience. Before joining the Design Success program I struggled with confidence around pricing as well as outsourcing. The modules I found the most valuable were Module 4 – Pricing, Module 7 – Client Conversations and Module 8 – Building a team. Thanks to Donna I have been brave enough to not only raise my hourly rate but start to get some great systems in place. I feel so positive about moving forward armed with some great new ideas. Being a sole operator it’s been great to have regular contact with other designers and I look forward to the private Facebook page for ongoing support. Learning online was much better than what I thought it would be – I loved the experience. Although some of the modules were things I already knew, there is always more to learn. I thought all of the content was great and I would definitely recommend the program to my peers.”

Bridget Foley,

Bridget Foley Design

Design Success was the perfect program at the perfect time. As a new business. I was searching for help with a framework around which I could grow my business and that is exactly what Design Success provided. The content was relevant, and I particularly found it a great help in defining steps, priorities and goals. Also, the camaraderie of fellow participants and the network of like-minded and positive designers that has come from this program is invaluable. Donna’s friendly and positive teaching method is so enjoyable and her encouragement and affirming ways push you to challenge your boundaries. I thoroughly recommend this program to both new and established designers who are looking to refine their systems and expand their business.”

Cindy McDonald,

Soul Interior Design

“I cannot speak highly enough about Donna Jones, Design Success Program. Every week she continued to share ‘her gold’ with us, which has saved many, many hours of research and costly mistakes as I begin my own Interior Design business. Not only did I learn vital information and practical tips on how to run a successful interior design business, but I also learned a lot about myself through Donna’s passion for personal development, meditation, gratitude and positive affirmations. A fantastic course and I wish Donna every success with her businesses.”

Debbie Omond,

Compose Interiors

“Having completed the Interior Design Institute’s Diploma (after deciding on a complete career change), I was excited ab out the prospect of creating my own business. Buy how and where should I start? I was very fortunate to be told about Donna’s Design Success program. What an inspiring journey! I would have never dreamed that in the space of a couple of months my own business would actually be launched, complete with a logo, website, Facebook page – and even clients! Donna’s course guides you through best practice for your interior design business – in a warm, encouraging and super inspiring way. She shares openly and honestly from her experience as a designer and business woman – and she has helped me set up my business form the outset so that it is ready to grow. I’m now lucky to be part of her Network Success tribe of like-minded women to encourage and help each other as we build our businesses. You won’t regret working with Donna – prepare yourself for a great journey!”

Kirsten Ford,

Kirsten Ford Design

Donna’s Design Success Program was a commitment I had to make and I’m so grateful I did! Not only did she provides us with a 10 week program that grew ad stretched me beyond my means, but she provided a group where we could be honest, share our achievements and actually connect online, connect so much that I am catching up with my group down in Christchurch in a few weeks. Seeing others grow and complete the work we were set each week made me more competitive and drew out strengths I did not have. I thoroughly recommend this course as Donna shares her experiences and practices and how we can systemise our businesses to success. Not only does she change your mindset on money and finding that ideal client, but she shares her suppliers and knowledge so that we can all run a successful business. My business would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for Donna creating this course, I have my ideal client, I charge what I’m worth and my time management of work life balance has turned around.”

Sarah Burrows,

Sarah Burrows Design

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in your wonderful and inspiring Design Success Program! Since completing the course I have gained a huge amount of self-confidence not only in myself but my business and I look forward to all the great things that lie ahead. Going out on your own can be hugely rewarding, but with it too can be the feeling of isolation. I no longer feel like this is a daunting journey I must take on my own, because through Design Success I have meet some amazing, talented likeminded woman and a network of support I can trust. I feel I now have the right tools and connections to go forward, have confidence in my ideas and grow my business! Donna your energy and enthusiasm for life is inspiring and infectious, thank you for being honest and open with your own struggles and successes you have had on your own journey. It helps me to think anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I had some real struggles and hurdles when I first started my business and I know how easy it can be to give up when the going gets tough! But I didn’t and I can honestly say each time I have put myself out there I get rewarded. On a daily basis I use your tools or think of all the positive advice you have given us girls, it’s often how I start my day! Thank you again for developing this course and sharing your knowledge. This is not the end but only the beginning!”

Jodi Newnham,

Mid Century Swag

“I had been working towards launching my Interior Design business for several months before starting the “Design Success Program” and had my website already up and running. However, as Interiors is a new industry for me there was so much I didn’t know and needed to learn. The “Design Success Program” was the perfect fit for me. Learning online was fantastic, it was easy to fit into my busy days plus it still had a personal feel. It has been great to go through the process with a group of other designers on various journeys too. The course has given me the confidence to successfully run my own Interior Design business. Over the 10 modules it covered everything I needed to know, and with all the amazing templates and hands on help from Donna I have been able to set up amazing systems for my business (which I love). Donna is like the “Design God Guru” and so inspiring, positive and nurturing. Her passion for the industry is passed on in bucket fulls, and she makes you feel as if anything is possible.I would and have already been recommending the program to as many people as I can. It is the most incredible base to running a successful Interior Design business. I also loved that I got to go through the process with a group of other designers on various journeys too. I now feel part of a community! I am so passionate about Interiors and feel so lucky to be starting something so new and exciting again. Donna your enthusiasm is contagious, and it has made me feel empowered to achieve great success in my business.”

Erina Emery,

Erin Emery Interiors


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This program is only for those who are motivated to learn at their own pace and want fast results. If you need more support my LIVE programs will be better suited to you. Click here for more info

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If you look at the testimonials you will see they are varied. From increasing your pricing, creating clearer boundaries, bringing on team members to launching a new business. You are guaranteed results if you put in the work!

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